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Polly's tea shop, 4tea2, is located on the 4th floor, in the Thor's mall. It is a warm, cozy place where people can come in for a cuppa...

Shop interior

... or buy dry tea (from the vast assortment displayed behind the counter) and assorted paraphernalia for brewing at home.

Obligatory wall o tea


The space will also be available to rent out for tea parties, and can be booked to cater to other locations. There is a sign beside the counter which reads:

Sign, 4tea2

One might think this is just an attempt at good business. In a way, it is... but you might be surprised at just how helpful and accommodating said manager can be, unless of course you know Polly well enough to know what she's capable of. ;-)

Occasionally, Polly may play her violin to entertain the guests, or, may sometimes hire a musician to do so.

Among the others employed will be 3 on the wait staff, (preferably at least one who's handy with baking, for assorted pastries to go with the tea) and an assistant manager to help Polly with the business side of things.