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Telepathic Shenanigans

As some of you know, Polly's a telepath. I like to make use of this, but I'm also not looking to step on any toes by having her automatically know everyones' secrets etc. etc. So, here's the way it works:

Polly's telepathy is fairly powerful and far-reaching, but it's not something she has complete control over. It's not something she can turn off, any more than a person can stop hearing, though she can try not to listen. As such, the thoughts of the entire ship are a constant buzz in the back of her head.

Because of this--unless it's a mind she connects with frequently--she needs to have a person in her sight to read them. So, if your character is interacting with her through video, an action thread, or a log, the chances of her picking up on their thoughts is pretty good.

So, here's the deal:

Like I said, I'm not looking to step on any toes. I leave what she hears up to you. If you want Polly to pick up something your character is thinking, put it in in brackets, bold and italicized.

[Like so]

The more she connects to your character--either through telepathic conversations or dreamwalking--the more easy it will be for her to find your character and pick up their thoughts, even without the visual focus. (In each instance, I will still ask permission before she does, though.) Also, in time, this psychic link will be strong enough for your character to be able to connect with her, when they want to. (Just return the favor, if you would.)

Aside from being able to read thoughts, she can also send them, which, since it's pretty much the same as talking to a person, I'm mostly going to kind of just let her do. She's only really likely to Send if it's a private conversation, or if it's something she feels strongly enough about for the thoughts to get away from her, though.
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What about characters with very basic telepathic abilities? Like, for example, Chihaya here is able to 'connect' in a way with others, although it's most powerful with other angels, enough to the point where he can send short messages. (At least this is hinted at in canon. I think. AHHHH)

How would that affect connections with Polly? If you'd like, I can get more in depth with what Chihaya can do, if it'll help!
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His brand of telepathy is kind of hard to explain. He doesn't hear thoughts, but he can receive them if they're 'broadcast' to him, and answer them the same way!

UM. It may be easier if I shared a canon example!

There's a part in the manga where both Kagetsuya and Chihaya are separated from one another. Kagetsuya remarks that all Chihaya has to do is call for him, and he'll appear. In a moment of desperation, Chihaya does exactly that, but with ALL OF HIS HEART AND SOUL UWAAAH, and Kagetsuya suddenly appears before him via teleportation! ...TADAAAAAAAA!

It's also hinted that they can sort of feel each others' presences, and more or less know when one another is in danger... So I suppose it's not telepathy in the "Hey sup, I'm in your brain!" kind of way, but more of... empathy with benefits?

...if that makes sense dkljsfkjlds
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...Wait I made sense?