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What species is your character?

Would other characters be able to sense your character's species?
Those who are apt to sense such things, sure, why not? She doesn't bother to hide it.

Is there anything strange in your character's blood, DNA, etc that other characters might be able to sense?
As someone who cannot age or die under any circumstances, her body would be sort of in a state of constant regeneration, even to the point that she can regrow lost limbs and organs and suchlike, should something happen to cause her to lose them.

What does your character's soul look like?
Probably very bright on the surface, but with shadows underneath.

Is it possible to read anything from your character's soul?
She'd probably come across as sort of a bruised peach, so to speak. She's seen/experienced a lot of unpleasant things in her life, but tends to retain an odd sort of innocence. She tends toward benevolence, but between her people (who had a history of destroying worlds for the simple fun of it) and the things she's experienced, she also has a tremendous and barely-tapped capacity for violence.

What color is your character's soul?
Iridescent green-gold-blue.

Does your character have an ability that others might be able to sense?
She's a powerful telepath, immortal, and is capable of manipulating raw atomic matter with her will.

Is your character surrounded by something else that might somehow 'stick'?
Hmmm, she'd probably come across as being exceedingly full of life, all things considered.

Can your characters thoughts be read?
If she's caught off guard, or in a state of emotional duress, yes. If she wants to cloak them, though, she can.

Is it possible to communicate with your character through telepathy?
Yes, by all means. It'll make her feel at home. /:-)

Is it possible to see what your character is doing through psychic powers?
I don't see why not...

Is it possible to sense your character's location somehow?
If your character can sense people's locations in general, sure, why not?

Is it possible to sense your character's emotions?
If your character can do things like that in general, or if she's projecting, then yes.

Does your character have any mental walls or defences up?
She has a general filter, just to keep the normal stuff from blaring out all over the ship. This stays in place, unless she's very upset for whatever reason. And she has stronger ones for when she knows someone's trying to look. If someone presses her too hard, or if she feels like it's her only recourse in general, she can project some very bad memories into a person's head. They are very powerful, to the point that it feels like they're being experienced right there on the spot. Not fun.

Can your character be mind-controlled?
No, I don't think it'd work. She can be a bit ditzy, but she's got a very strong mind.

How do you feel about 4th wall breaking?
Sounds fun. /:-)

Is there something specific that you don't want anyone to know about your character?
Nothing comes to mind... :-?

How do you feel about threadjacking?
So long as it doesn't kill the thread it's sprouting from, I have no problem with it.

What about spamming your posts?
Go for it!

How about sudden action threads?
Sure, why not?

Can your character be imprisoned?
Sure, but she'd probably be able to find a way out, if she wanted to. There's a lot one can do with atoms...

Is it okay to approach you about hacking private threads? Alternatively, how technologically gifted is your character?
Approach away! And she hasn't really looked into hacking, yet. But she tends to be able to pick up things surprisingly quickly. She built a small space shuttle in two weeks, from the atoms up...

Has your character died before? Can other characters pick up on this?
Nope, and she never will.

Is it okay to kill your character, given the proper discussion/circumstances?
It is completely impossible for Polly to die. In point of fact, when we had Discworld's DEATH here, he couldn't see her, because she was that un-death-able. HOWEVER, if things escalate to the point that your character feels like trying anyway, IM or PM me. I'm normally pretty open to things.

SEX STUFF: IM me and be more specific. :-P


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