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Player: [ profile] litharriel
Character: Polymnia Terpsichore Aino Perdita Zyanya, but you can call her Polly.
Fandom: OC based on a race from Classic Doctor Who
Character age: Unknown. (They don't have years where she comes from, but she looks to be in her early twenties.)
Occupation: A tourist of sorts


Canon or AU?
Original Character

Appearance: Polly is a petite and slender woman, appearing to be in her early twenties. Her skin is very pale, and her hair is long, red, and often a bit disheveled. Her eyes are blue and rather intense, betraying a hungry mind that most may overlook in light of her innocense. She is pretty, in a doll-like way. Clothing-wise, she tends to favour bright colours, though her style will vary with her whims

At present, in Mostly Harmless, she tends to favour simple, vaguely bohemian styles, in darker colors of late.  Her hair is a bit less disheveled than it used to be, and she tends to wear it pulled up.  

Supernatural powers?
Members of her race are gifted with eternal life and youth. In spite of this, they can bleed and break bones and such, just like the rest of us. It's just that they will heal from anything.  Also, as it says in the Tardis Wiki, "Eternals could not be destroyed, only transferred." though it doesn't specify where to. (As such, where will vary depending on game.)

They are also telepathic, and they have the ability to create objects from thin air. (It's not explained how, so I prefer to sceince it up a bit and say that they can percieve and manipulate raw atomic matter.) The limit to this ability is:
1. Eternals have no imagination, and are thus completely incapable of making anything original. Therefore...
2. They can only create things they know about. If Polly wants to create a computer, she has to know what goes into one, or she'll wind up with a big, computer-shaped paperweight. If she wants to create a book, it has to be a story she knows word-for-word, otherwise she'll wind up with a cover and a bunch of blank pages, or possibly filled with the few bits she does remember. So on and so forth.. .
 3. No living creatures.  Each life is unique and thus would require a level of creativity of which they are incapable.

She has also recently discovered that she can destroy things as easily as she creates them, though it's a power she isn't likely to use unless it's a matter of life and death.

Wikipedia [or other] link to Canon Information: and

Anything else we should know?
Having been locked away in Calabi-Yau (the eternal realm) her entire life, Polly is full of curiosity and hungry for experience. While she does wish to find a way back to her people, she is not above having some great adventures in the meantime. After all, the endless quest for new knowledge and experiences is in her blood. She is rather amoral--the only value judgements she places on things is based on whether it is interesting or boring, fun or not. However, she is generally well-meaning. Due to cultural differences, there will be a lot about the world and its denizens that she will not understand at first. She will be very literal-minded; figures of speech will confuse her, at first.

At present in Mostly Harmless, she is an earnest young woman, and is generally likely to come off as a little bit lost.  She has recovered from the disappearances of Break (who she loved, and whose loss left her shattered.  She will always miss him, but she's made her peace with his absence).  She has in in the past year developed a close bond with Dr. Kiriko George, who has earned his own place in her heart.  Their relationship has gone through a rocky patch, but is recovering.   She is very protective of those mortals she has befriended, to the point that she would happily endanger herself if it would save them.  She is something of a bleeding heart, and is most likely to reach out to others if they are in need.  Her closest friends are Jushiro Ukitake, Crowley, Edward Elric, Chihaya, her pet fox Alice, and her pet spider Harold.  She has also recently been developing friendships with a troll named Nepeta, and Erik Lehnsherr.  

Based on her experiences in the game, she has discovered that she can, when pressed, be a frightening opponent, but she is still only just learning how to properly use her strength.  Having come to the game with a fairly young mental/emotional age, she has progressed to something a young adult's mentality. 

Polymnia was born after her people locked the gates of their realm against the horrors of the Last Great Time War. They do not speak of it. In point of fact, they speak of very little, anymore. Without their connection to the Ephemerals, many of the Eternals find themselves suffering. Though their bodies do not change or weaken, their minds have become malnourished, bringing about an extreme ennui that progresses to senility and, from there, catatonia. For a time, even though they are still, their minds work, but eventually even that fades as well.

As they forget, their realm grows more and more nondescript, and Polly and the few other Eternals of her generation do not have the experience of the outer dimensions required to re-create the beautiful halls and landscapes that once filled their corner of Calabi-Yau.

Polly and her mother were among the last active Eternals, owing to the library her mother kept. (In a place where knowledge was essentially food, books--particularly unread books, given that they could no longer procure more--were gold.) However, even her mother did not last. The woman's will to continue quickly waned after an incident in which Polly--then our equivalent of ten--wanted to find out what fire was like, and inadvertantly burned down their house. The loss of the books was too much.

Having been on her own, since that time, Polly is relatively self-sufficient. However, she is also quite childlike, having run out of active adults to learn adult behavior from. This will gradually change as she interacts with and learns from characters in the game.

She is much more driven in her persuit of knowledge than the average Eternal, as she believes that if she had studied fire more, she would have known how to control what she had called. This drive is largely why she has been able to outlast the few others of her generation. She has explored every cranny of Calabi-Yau that belonged to her people, and found just enough to keep her mind going. She even attempted to forge a friendship with the Chronovores (another, savage race that lives in the dimension) though this was far from fruitful.  If her kind could scar, she would have a great many to show as proof.

She blames herself for her Mother's silence, but if she is ever given cause to examine her feelings on the issue very closely she will realize that she's also angry at her Mother for abandoning her (among other things). As a result of all this, when it comes to dealing with others, she has a strong desire to connect to people and to make herself matter to them, and will be helpful and friendly to that end. However, naturally, she becomes upset if she comes to feel that she has been abandoned again.

Between the stories she has found in the few remaining books, and the memories of her mother before she went still, Polly has become aware of a place outside of Calabi-Yau. A place of time, and change, where things could be unexpected and new. Though her mother tried to sheild her mind from her--or, her from her mind--she also learned that it was a place of great danger, devistated by... something.  However, her people had once been great, and vital, and the new place and the beings called Ephemerals were somehow the key to the Eternals' strength.

 Finally, one day, she leaves the Eternal city, looking for some respite from the now-ever-present Chronovores. That was where she met the man in white, and he offered to show her the way. The problem is, he never said anything about showing her the way back. This is because, unless he comes for her, there simply isn't one. 

Why should that character be in this game:
As Polly likes to say: she can be very useful. Aside from her abilities (which could either be beneficial to the other players or cause all kinds of entertaining trouble--which is still beneficial, plotwise), she is the sort of odd duck that would probably fit well in the Hitchiker's universe. Her childlike innocense could lend itself to crack-tastic scenarios, while simultaneously the darker bits of her past will permit her to get in some serious RP and character development. Even if she is incapable of originality or imagination, her otherwise-boundless potential makes up for it, I'm hoping.



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